Types of dents that SataLommo fixes:

Hail damage, parking dents, door dings, car crash dent, fallen snow from the roof damage, shopping cart dings, vandalism and ect.

Why should you choose SataLommo and PDR method?

  • PDR does not damage the original coat of paint
  • PDR is cheaper than painting
  • It is a fast process
  • Environmentally friendly
  • SataLommo is one of the best PDR places founded in Finland, that uses the newest technologies
  • SataLommo uses high-quality tools
  • 90% of all dents can be repaired by PDR technologies
  • Paintless dent repair boosts vehicle resale value.
  • SataLommo works in a modern garage, which has a client are where you can wait
Notice that PDR method doesn't work with a suction cup or a magnet!

Contact us if your car needs professional dent repair! The repairs can be fast and you can wait in our client area in the meantime.


Our clients recommend

  • Tapio R.
    We fixed an unfortunate animal damage from the front bumber. We are very pleased about the repair and the bumper is like new. We recommend.
    Tapio R.
  • Tuomo S.
    We straightened all the parking dents, back corner dips and tailgate bulges from my model 86 car. Work was very clean and price was great. I recommend 👍
    Tuomo S.
  • Tomi K.
    Parking dents disappeared perfectly. And fast. Big recommendation, very competent guy!
    Tomi K.
  • Anne M.
    Dents were straightened in a day and the final result was very clean. I recommend!
    Anne M.
  • Jyrki R.
    Great guy who knows his stuff 👍 big recommendation
    Jyrki R.
  • Kari S.
    Nice and fast service.
    Kari S.