Car window tinting

We offer car window tinting easily and reliably. We use five degrees of darkness: 5%, 15%, 20%, 35%, 50%.

Protects against UV radiation

UV radiation damages the interior of the car. Over time, the interior becomes more fragile. The window tinting absorbs 99% of this harmful UV radiation. Keep your car's stylish and well-maintained interior and passengers safe from unnecessary UV radiation.

Burglary prevention protection

Tinting also provides security against thieves by preventing direct visibility into the interior of the car.

Safety and security

Tinting also provides safety by protecting passengers in the event of an accident by binding the glass shards to themselves.

Take these things into account:

  • Tinting front windows and windshields with film is prohibited by law in Finland, so they are always darkened at the customer's own risk
  • The warranty does not cover animal hair left between the film and the glass, if it has not been removed before installing the film.

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Degrees of window tinting

We use five degrees of darkness. You can choose the best degree for you.